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Sound Designer/Composer

Home: Bienvenue

I'm Sound Designer.
I colaborated on multiple type of projects such as short films, movies, teasers, commercials, video games, apps or musical productions during my studies both in audiovisual BTS and at ISART Digital Paris, working freelance then.
I have got skills in audio engineering on film shoots, field recording, foleys, sound design, audio editing, audio intergration in interactive medias, music production, and mixing.

You can check a piece of the projects i worked on by hitting this button :

Home: Citation

I use Reaper and Ableton Live as main DAWs but i can handle ProTools as well. I also have good experience using Fmod and Wwise for audio integration in Unity or Unreal Engine. 
Basicaly, if your project needs audio, we can work together !

Home: Citation

I also actively take part of the music band Hollow Mountains as drummer, setup engineer, in the organisation and globaly the life of the band !
Feel free to have a look at what we do :   

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